Our Products

CEVIBI has historical archives containing thousands of designs and in addition to that, it produces approximately 200 new designs per season.

The fabrics produced, are either by warp knitting or circular knitting machines, both having the technology that avoids running stitches or laddering.

CEVIBI fabrics are printed by traditional screen printing, digital printing or special techniques like lacca, puff or laminated treatments.




Technical advances in digital printing, offers opportunities that the traditional screen printing method cannot give, and allows the creation of designs that are very sophisticated and rich.

Among its advantages are :


  • Unlimited number of colours : the traditional screen printing method limits the use of colours because of problems related to the cost in the creation and manufacture of one screen for each colour in the design. By using the digital printing method, it is possible to print designs with hundreds of colours, without increasing the cost of production.
  • Opportunity of modification : using the traditional screen printing method, once a design is engraved, any modification means high costs and a long turn around time. By using the digital printing method, it is possible to work on the original design and modify it as per the customer’s needs. Dimensions, colours and details can be changed without engraving new screens.
  • Opportunity to print small quantities : Unlike traditional screen printing where minimum quantities are necessary to start the production, by using the digital printing method, it is possible to print small quantities without having extra costs.
  • More sophisticated aspect : The opportunity to use a large number of colours, makes it possible to print more elaborate designs.




Since 1973 CEVIBI has produced elastomeric fabrics using traditional screen printing methods.

During the evolution of the swimwear fabric, from the helanca to the traditional shining charmeuse and to the super-matt charmeuse, CEVIBI has reached a unique experience in Europe and guarantees high quality products and a personalized service.




From the traditional helanca linings to the mixed elastameric ones with dimensional stability, both for swimsuits and for boxer shorts.

CEVIBI offers personalized printed lining qualities, used by the most prestigious European brands.